Yes, we should prioritize and yes you should do the most important things first. But there is always a but… do ugly things and the things you can do in two minutes first or immediately (providing that you have to do these things at one time or another). This prevents clutter and truly keeps you focused on what matters most.


Two of my favorite time hacks of all time: Listen to audio information on 1.25 or even 1.5 times the regular speed. In this way, you will consume up to 50% more information at the same time. When you do this for the first time your audio might sounds funny but after just a few minutes you don’t even notice the difference. Your brain just adjusts to the new speed. PS It also pays off big time if you learn how to read faster.


Take real breaks and use them to relax and re-energize, even the short ones. Eat well and sleep well, practice meditation exercises daily. The more energy you have to draw from the more productive and creative you can be. Don’t deplete your energy every day.


Reward yourself after you finished a task or a set of tasks. It motivates you and keeps you energized.


“Business before pleasure”, Business and pleasure don’t go together” are common sayings. My time hack here is quite the opposite. Work yourself up and/or put yourself in a position where your work/business is your work. To be honest I seldom feel that I go to work. I get to teach dance, I get to coach, I get to empower women to do more in life; that all doesn’t sound like work to me. If you are not there yet then ask yourself how you can see your work or at least part of your work differently. For instance, I do the best thinking while I’m running so I schedule my thinking task while I run. Another way is making sure that your breaks are fully enjoyable so that return you fully energized to the task at hand.

These are only 5 of my most favorite time hacks.

I have an e-book available with all 15, plus the 6 most common myths of time management as well as 10 time management principles that work for everybody. If you are interested in this e-book: ‘It’s is always time to do the right thing’, then contact me on

Let me leave you with this thought: Be grateful for the time you have. Don’t be wasteful with your time, use it wisely, with intention and respect. Most importantly, align how you use your time with what matters most to you and your loved ones.

The Dorff Inner-Strength Method focuses on empowering people in all areas of life. Using the time that is available to us in the best possible way is essential to create a life of passion and purpose. Don’t hesitate to contact me through and ask me about a tailor-made program to support you in this area.

Here is to your growth

Jean Dorff

Transformational Coach