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I am fanatic in helping and supporting people to reach their true potential in dance and in life.

I am a passionate dance coach and if you allow me I will challenge and motivate you to perform at your best. I provide you with tools, skills and knowledge to help you to reach what you aspire.

I pledge to fight the fight against sexual abuse and domestic violence. If you are a victim like me, then I will help you to thrive and not just survive.

I am an international dance and empowerment coach. I developed an interest in movement at an early age. My belief in the unity of body, mind and soul and the studies of martial arts and dance let me to develop unique coaching principles that resulted in THE DORFF INNER-STRENGTH METHOD. Maybe more so than my professional background, it are my personal ordeals that gave me the drive to empower people to overcome their negatives experiences and live the life they want.

"It’s my goal to inspire people to discover and use their unlimited potential to empower them and to create a life of purpose, passion, health and abundance, leading to their destiny, despite or perhaps because of what they have been through."

Here is to your growth,

Jean Dorff


Jean Dorff was born and raised in the Netherlands and has been a successful international Martial Artist and Ballroom Dancer. He developed an interest in movement at an early age, exploring the concept of ‘conscious movement’, a term he developed to describe a connection of rhythm and movement with mind, body and soul.

As a business professional (with an experience of over 25 years in the corporate world), Jean has provided business coaching and consultancy in the corporate field of Marketing, Product Management, Business Strategy, and Business Development, primarily for Fortune 100 companies.

Through his work in both business and dance industries, he began to realize the similarities in thought required for performance coaching to produce top competitors, regardless of the arena.


By Merging and blending his knowledge of both business and movement, he further developed the idea of conscious movement into unique performance coaching principles. This resulted in the DORF INNER-STRENGTH METHOD FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE. He expanded this method further for EMPOWERMENT, LIFESTYLE and WOMEN'S SELFDEFENSE.

Using this method Jean has coached several Dutch national champions and internationally successful dancers, as well as business professionals and individuals around the globe.

Jean pledged to fight the battle against sexual abuse and domestic violence. Jean is a victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence himself. He made it his personal mission to demonstrate how he got (as he calls it) UNBROKEN and he supports others to get UNBROKEN too. "I'm unbroken, let me unbreak you" is his motto for this area.

Jean likes to call himself a Transformational Coach. He founded his own performance and empowerment coaching company several years ago. He lives in Dallas, USA, and consults, teaches dance, coaches, speaks and lectures nationally and internationally. He is an active writer on social media, has his own blog and hopes to publish his first book by the end of 2017.

By Alexandra Jacinto, 2016


I am Jean Dorff, and was sexual abused from the age of 7 by close family members. As young as I was, I knew that something terribly wrong was done to me. I became very inwards focused and started to create walls around me that only a few could see and come through. On the outside, I appeared to be a happy and joyous child but on the inside I was afraid, I was angry and felt pain physical and emotional.

I developed a shame about myself and my sexuality and I hated my abusers. I hated the world I lived in. At the age of 17 I felt so much hate that I didn’t wanted to go on. My life started to fall apart and I could have easily chosen a path of self-destruction, something that some of my siblings did dealing with the same stuff, but I did not. I found forgiveness, although I don’t even know how, I believe it was Devine Intervention. I concentrated myself on martial arts and solving the mysteries of the ‘Why’ of life.

I would love to tell you that from this point all problems were over, but I think you already know that that was not the case. So often I got overwhelmed by the memories of my abuse, triggered by simple daily events. I struggled to keep intimate relationships or being intimate all together. I escaped in work, social media, sports and travel. I tried to escape from everything. Running away was sometimes the only way for me to deal with normal life. I so often neglected the people around me including my own family. I even had fear that, I as an abuse victim, I would become an abuser myself. This circle of shame, fear, loneliness and mistrust had to be broken. It simply had to, If not for me then for my family.

I discovered a passion for dance. It kept me sane and perhaps even made me sane in the end. I felt most alive when I danced and I still do.


For years now, I am healed, healed from the sexual abuse, but may be more so healed from the aftermath. The memories and scars are still there and I sometimes wish they were gone too, but then again, they remind me that I was victorious in my battle, that I found my inner strength and passion. I now live a thriving life on the terms I want.

I started to walk back on the path of abuse and felt that I could help people who were still on that path. My life experiences, my training as martial artist, dance teacher and coach equipped me to help other sexual abuse victims to move forward away from that path, onto a new path of light, empowerment, healing and joy. A path on which they can walk confidently in a body that feels comfortable again, with a mind that is confident to take on new challenges and opportunities. And when the flashback of the abuse get triggered and want to pull them back on that dark path, then I support them how to cope with that too.

I hope that the scars of what I've been through become the healing of others

Out of: BROKEN SILENCE, Living a Life of Passion and Purpose after Sexual Abuse, A Dancer's Story. (expected to be published by October 2018)

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Maya Angelou


BROKEN SILENCE - Living with Passion and Purpose after Sexual Abuse, A Dancer's Story

I've been around

I have been around for a while. I experienced a lot, I've seen a lot and I've learned a lot. It would be my honor to put my experiences in service of your growth.

I'm a peoples person

I believe there is always a reason why we meet people. I've been very fortunate to work with and to learn from, to coach and support many people around the world.

I follow Him

Jesus teaches us that life is fairly meaningless unless we put our life in service and the needs of others. I'm gladly following His lead and try to walk in His footsteps.

I'm committed to learn

I think a good teacher never stops being a student. I therefore see learning as a never ending process. I have a thirst for knowledge and an endless curiosity.

I love life

I alway say take big bites out of life and never hold back. I am fanatic in helping and supporting people to reach their true potential in dance and in life.


Eagerly waiting to hear from you and determined to support your future.