Dance and Performance


Start Shaping Your New Life Today

You practice hard, you take your lessons, but you still feel you don’t get the results you are after.

I’ll support and challenge you to optimize and leverage the time and resources you invest to get the results you want. After clearly defining what it truly is that you are after and what you are committed achieving, we’ll define the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Next I’ll help you develop a clear plan that leads you step by step closer and closer to your goals until you achieve them. You will learn how to take and enjoy massive action, to overcome any setback and to compete and perform with confidenceTHE DORFF INNER-STRENGTH METHOD FOR DANCE helps you to optimize the results from the investments you are already making, but it is also an investment in yourself you’ll benefit from your entire life. How great would it be to have someone fully dedicated helping you achieve your dream? I dedicate my time to you. I support you, motivate you and of course celebrate successes with you. My focus is to keep you focused on your goals and to support you in attaining them.

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