Women Empowerment


I designed a program for sexual abuse victims who are convinced that there is more in life than just surviving and getting by.


THE DORFF INNER-STRENGTH METHOD FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT is a holistic program that works on the body and mind and let you create the life you want on your terms. Healing from sexual abuse and domestic violence can take years. Being a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence myself I went through phases through which most abuse victims go through as well. The majority of survivors however stops after phase four, but it is actually that last phase that let you thrive instead of just survive.

THE DORFF INNER-STRENGTH METHOD FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT focuses on getting you successfully to that last level

Accept that you are a victim of abuse: Acknowledging and often remembering your sexual abuse. Getting the awareness that your live is driven by past experiences.

Understand your story: Understand what happened but the pain is big and very confusing. Anxiety, fear and mistrust are a big part or your world.

Stop being a victim: You are able to tell your story with most of the time not getting to overwhelmed by it anymore. Your abuse history is not controlling you life anymore but it still get’s ahold of you from time to time.

Move on: Without minimizing what has happened to you, you’re no longer caught up in your sexual abuse story, and you can look at it with more distance.

Thrive: leveraging your passion and creating the life you want on your terms, despite or perhaps because what you have been through.

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